Ageing is a beautiful

Ageing is a beautiful phenomenon of nature..!

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Let us, at ‘Feathered health Care’ re-define the beauty of elderly stages in life with the most soothing and relaxing ways of satisfaction. We understand the value of Sri Lankan culture in caring for ageing parents and our renowned home nursing service is well known in the arena of senior citizen care in Sri Lanka.

Ageing is considered to be one of the most complex biological processes, which includes several visible and invisible equations taking place inside our body. However thanks to innovative minds and skillful hands, the complexity of this phenomenon has been made relaxing and more comfortable.

Our world has come to a level, which now offers robotic care givers, newest equipment and handy tools specifically created in order to fulfill the necessities of elderly people.

With all the available facilities and new technologies such as one to one care, easily accessible health care services, call doctor, more responsive emergency teams, wristbands track heart rate and other health conditions, help to pave the way for our elderly loved ones to be bestowed with the care, support and attention, to felicitate for the long journey of life.

The world is ready for our own future needs and for our loved ones. So do we, Feathered health Care Group as the home nursing and elderly care service provider in Sri Lanka.

We encourage our community to enjoy the process of ageing by staying healthy, living with purpose, applying the experience, skills, and knowledge that uniquely come with becoming older, be a lifelong learner and a pure soul.