tailor-made solutions as every age

We offer tailor-made solutions as every age care plan must be recipient oriented

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Feathered Health Care personalizes the care plan based on every Senior Citizen’s usual day-today activities, habits, unique needs, safety, co-morbid conditions, illnesses and well-being. 

As theories described in psychology It is hard to change one’s personality.

In fact, it is hard to change one’s personality and according to theories described in psychology,

“Changing a core personality trait (such as introversion) is difficult”

It is extremely important for care giving services to offer custom made solutions, meeting all the individualized requirements. Life with a caregiver may it be at elder’s own home or place of preference, shouldn’t be a burden or negatively impact the quality of life.

That is why Feathered health care helps our senior citizens to experience the beauty of ageing, without disturbing their core personality traits and inner peace.

We study and evaluate the health condition habits and needs of senior citizens, design individualised care plans accordingly and appoint our passionately involved caregivers to execute the plan with the ultimate objective of providing our senior citizens with the optimal quality of elderly life.