caring for our elderly parents

Feathered Health Care appreciates the Sri Lankan culture of caring for our elderly parents.

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Sri Lanka has always owned an alluring culture bound by respectful norms and ethics. Taking care of our elderly parents is one of the major roles in our lives even though it sometimes drops off our hands due to the nature of this fast moving world.

Finding sufficient amount of time is difficult to provide the parents the care and the affection to the aspects of emotions and health. 

Parents need our support as they lose their normal ability to take care about themselves. The family members happily accept the responsibility and they always want to give the best care to their parents.

As they seek the help of professionals who are dedicated, trained specially to provide one to one care ,the Feathered health care group come as as a support service by fulfilling the need with excelent elderly care skills.

Being at an extremely steady state of mind about the Sri Lankan culture of parental care taking, we specialize in client-centered care and vitalize thorough communication with the ultimate goal of enhancing their bodily health and spiritual well-being with love and affection.