Live in care givers

Live in care giversWe will make sure your loved ones the happiest in every possible way and you will be amazed to see how our homely care takers become one of the best companions in their journey of life.

Male and female caregivers in different age groups from age 25 to 46 reside in client’s residence and provide senior home support care. They monitor safety of the client, provide medication reminders, report changes of the client’s condition thereby keeping them mentally alert, assist with dressing and grooming and maintain a clean and safe home environment.

Live-in caregivers are the most popular category of our services. The caregivers have opportunity and time to bond with the client, which is essential for optimal care. They will work at their best to nurture your loved ones with top-tier care giving which will leads to gain the service receivers and the their families the optimal deluxe of inner peace, joy and satisfaction. 

Around the clock care

Around the clock careThe teams strive their best to support families in their most remarkable challenges in life and there to provide care for their loved ones, individualized to their requirements and conditions. Our caregivers deliver 24 hours full-clock care, assuring the safety and wellness of the client in his/her own residence or place of choice. This category is better suited for clients who have sleeping difficulties and require close attention due to medical conditions like chronic Dementia, Alzheimer’s and bedbound, which have considerable impact on the wellbeing of life.

Day-night shift

Our passion is to provide elderly care at our level best, so the time machine is not a problem for us at all as our skillful, compassionate care takers will give all their hands on day and night shifts, depending on your needs.

This category is best suitable for clients who require our service only for one shift of the day; may it be day or night. The allocated care giver will be visiting on a daily basis and perform his/her role for 8 hours.

Monitoring and companionship services

Monitoring and companionship servicesThe service is for family members who are eager to possess a regular surveillance of their loved ones, who live by their own or reside at elderly care centers. We do the monitoring for them by engaging in routine visits and following standardized assessment procedures in order to ensure a proper management of their wellbeing.

We offer Companionship for elders and work as a messenger between them and their families who are not available to visit them frequently, due to distance or other reasons.

Nursing aid service for hospitalized patients

Our Nursing aids fulfill the requirements of hospitalized clients who are under treatment or rehabilitation programs. Exclusively trained By-standers at FCHG with years of experience and knowledge will stay with clients through-out the hospital stay, providing the necessary aspects of support, assistance and aid.