Monitoring and Companionship

The service is for family members who are eager to possess a regular surveillance of their loved ones, who live by their own or reside at elderly care centers. We do the monitoring for them by engaging in routine visits and following standardized assessment procedures.

Monitoring and companionshipChildren and family members who live offshore often think that their loved ones are better off in elderly care or retirement centers due to their unavailability in facilitating them with attention, safety and care. 

We, Feathered health care as a moderator, will regularly monitor whether the desire of the children and the elders are being met in those centers, in an optimal manner, thereby ensuring a high-end client satisfaction. Furthermore, the observations and suggestions will be reported to the authorities of the establishment, guardian and children, so that the information could be well shared among the respective parties, involved.   

We also offer Companionship for elders and work as a messenger between them and their families who are not available to visit them frequently, due to distance or some other reasons.